Online Automotive Repair Guides and What it Can Do For You

Automotive repair manuals are always something that’s mighty handy when doing any kind of repairs or maintenance work on your vehicles. Conventional printed manuals though tend to be messy or inconvenient to work with and it may not necessarily have all the information that you require at any given task. It also has obvious limitations because you certainly have no way of asking a printed manual to clarify or expound instructions in the event that you are having trouble comprehending it. This is the reason why more and more people are switching to online automotive repair guides or manuals for their needs where all their questions may be answered.

Here are several online sources that you can look into in order to supplement any information found on conventional automotive repair manuals or completely switch over from it.

A good place to look is the online website for Haynes. Haynes is a popular publisher for auto repair manuals and you can purchase one depending on make and model for $25 which would include the shipping cost. More importantly, the website also offers hundreds of instructional videos on how to perform basic and advanced repairs or maintenance work on your vehicle. This makes it a great place to look for answers especially if you’re more comfortable with actually seeing how it’s done before attempting to do the job yourself.

Another great online source for auto repair guides would be the website It’s a professional database that offers professional grade auto repair information to average car owners looking for troubleshooting guides or technical specifications. It’s not free however but for $27 a year, you can get access to all the repair information you need for one specific vehicle make and model which makes it a sweet deal. The information found and offered by ALLDATA is quite impressive complete with detailed diagrams and manuals all of which you can download on your computer and print out at your discretion. Its Bulletin boards would also serve you well since it’s the place where you can post any of your questions which will be answered by other car enthusiast or certified automotive technicians.

If you are not willing to pay any amount though you will still be able to get tons of auto repair guides and videos made by other car enthusiast or technicians willing to share what they know to the world. A good place to start would be or highly popular YouTube if you are looking for video walkthroughs offering step by step instructions on how to perform certain repairs or maintenance work. There may be an issue with quality though and don’t assume that all information you come across are trustworthy ones. They are only as good as the ones who created them so exert some effort to double check or cross reference information to make sure that they are accurate.