Dipped & Plated – A Guide to Automotive Chrome

There are not too many auto parts that can add bling, shwing, shimmer and shine to your vehicle like some well-placed chrome accessories. Chrome pieces not only separate you and your ride from the road-going nerd herd, it delivers the guilty pleasure of rolling down the street in your bling machine to twist the necks of the gaping and gawking onlookers.

Besides adding radiance to your ride, automotive chrome accessories are stronger than the factory parts they replace. Crafted from material like billet aluminum and ABS plastics, they’re perfect for replacing flimsy factory parts and giving your ride a durable, glimmering style. No matter what kinda car you drive, a little chrome goes a long way in giving your vehicle the shine it deserves.

Back in the chrome-plated nineteen fifties, there was one brilliant man that we can all thank for the chrome craze. That man was the late, great artist-turned-automobile designer-turned executive big-wig, Harley Earl. Mr. Earl was so legendary for his flashy fixation that a fellow General Motors executive at the time was quoted as saying, “Chrome was god and Harley Earl was the prophet.”

Harley Earl’s fondness for flash was never more apparent than the time when some cross-communication and mixed signals led to a case of chrome overload. The Oldsmobile design team presented Mr. Earl with two different chrome-trim designs for the latest Oldsmobile sedan. By mistake during production, both sets of chrome were added to the same prototype. With no time to make a fix, the engineers were forced to present the chrome-mobile for Harley’s approval. As they stood awaiting wrath for the shiny screw up, Mr. Earl actually fell in love with the shimmering scheme and the car went into production.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of the great Harley Earl, there are a few key automotive chrome points to hit. Chrome door handle kits are a great place to start. After that, some chrome mirror covers and chrome taillight covers are a great addition. For a racy look, a chrome fuel door adds some track style, and a set of chrome rims is the ultimate classic hot-rod look. And, when you want to take it beyond some individual chrome accent points placed here and there, you can get a chrome package designed to equip your vehicle with a chrome-dipped bonanza of brilliance that our heavy metal-mentor, Harley Earl, would be ever proud of.