Best Automotive Apps

It is kind of crazy to comprehend the amount of smart phone applications there are out there and how much they really make our lives more convenient and interconnected. Efficiency is key these days and phone applications only help maximize on time sensitive things we need to get done and the errands we need to run. It didn’t take much time for the automotive industry to catch on that it could really drive consumer patterns towards a specific product or auto related service if it reach out to them via a phone application. Today there are thousands of automotive applications that can be accessed on your phone. We’ll explore some of them in depth further below and give you examples of how you might find them to be useful.

We all have been on the road, with the gas light on, wondering if we’ll make it to the nearest gas station. Now, you can ease some of your worries if you download a gas application that tells you where the nearest gas stations are, where you can get the cheapest gas within your area, and even directions to the gas station once you’ve selected your choice. Instantly, the route and estimated driving time, and other information about the gas station will be made available on your phone. If you’re wondering if the gas station will have specific amenities, like car washes, air, ATM and convenience store, that is also an option on some applications. This app makes life so much easier!

Next, we recommend an application that will help you out immensely when it comes to repairs and maintenance on your car. Imagine being able to quickly get a repair estimate without having to drive around town to sketchy car and body shops. Here, you can find a mechanic or body shop close by and get their independent quotes. You can even start searching according to the service that you need to get done – from brakes, to battery replacement, to oil changes and extreme body work. A rating system will even guide you towards a reliable service provider too.

Lastly, an app designed to help you improve your driving skills and techniques are here. It has a lot of tutorials like parallel parking tips and instructions, and also an official driver’s handbook so you can look up confusing driving regulations. It’s an engaging and user-friendly guide to help you become a safer driver.

Leasing a car is also becoming more popular. You can download an app that will connect you to the nearest car leasing provider, and also compare some crucial car loan quotes from multiple providers. Getting a car loan has never been easier with this app and is worth the download if you’re considering leasing a car instead of buying and want to have lots of options without doing all the dirty research on your own. You can search by credit levels, costs, quote, type of car you would like lease, and other things like monthly payment.

These automotive applications are so handy and will most likely help you out.

Cheap Automotive Insurance Quotes – Find Yours Online

There are lots of people who need automotive insurance quotes. Finding and comparing is one way where you can get cheaper automotive insurance. Everyone wants to get the best rates and coverage for their insurance coverage.

Although most likely vary in cost from one insurance company to other and difference might be substantial. In order to get the best rates for your auto, you must be accurate in giving or providing information to the insurance company.

Usually, the good quote include applicable discounts to the policyholder although there are some other ways where you can get cheaper auto insurance. Here are some ways where you can get a discount:

  • Your good credit history
  • Good driving record
  • Have some safety features or device on your vehicle such as alarm and other devices
  • Location where you live
  • Low mileage.

If ever in some factors you had tickets, low credit score, high mileage, accidents or have some gap in coverage then for sure your rates is higher since this could mean high risk to the insurer.

If ever you have a good driving records and have no tickets and have a good credit history, for sure you can get a lower rates on quotes. Take note, that since you have an automotive insurance that doesn’t mean that you are safe and you can drive without obeying the traffic rules and regulations.

As a driver, you should keep your eyes on the road with presence of mind while driving. It is you who are involve on it and other people you meet on the road and their vehicle as well.

So avoid talking on a cell phone or even texting, which can wait. Drive safely by following the speed limits and when you see a red light, then stop to avoid any accident.

Avoid driving when you go somewhere which is near, body need some exercise as well as walking. This can also lower your rates having less mileage that if you want to save some money.

Find a way where you can get a cheaper auto quotes either by shopping around or if you want an easy way, shop online through the internet. More convenient and not time consuming and it is free.

Automotive insurance quotes is a system where it allows insurance companies to compete in order to give their best price on automobile and other type of vehicles no matter what driving record looks like.

Most of time, the cost of car insurance vary depending on the amount of the coverage you request and deductibles you apply for your policy.

With hundreds of insurance companies, selecting an automotive insurance quote can be over whelming task. What is good in insurance quote is that, it guides you through the process and helping you to compare and give you the most competitive rates available.

It is easy to save when you can compare multiple auto insurance quotes with different companies and automotive insurance rates vary from state to state by automotive insurance provider.

Getting cheaper automotive insurance quotes is part of the process and you have to make sure that you are getting adequate protection that you need.

Dipped & Plated – A Guide to Automotive Chrome

There are not too many auto parts that can add bling, shwing, shimmer and shine to your vehicle like some well-placed chrome accessories. Chrome pieces not only separate you and your ride from the road-going nerd herd, it delivers the guilty pleasure of rolling down the street in your bling machine to twist the necks of the gaping and gawking onlookers.

Besides adding radiance to your ride, automotive chrome accessories are stronger than the factory parts they replace. Crafted from material like billet aluminum and ABS plastics, they’re perfect for replacing flimsy factory parts and giving your ride a durable, glimmering style. No matter what kinda car you drive, a little chrome goes a long way in giving your vehicle the shine it deserves.

Back in the chrome-plated nineteen fifties, there was one brilliant man that we can all thank for the chrome craze. That man was the late, great artist-turned-automobile designer-turned executive big-wig, Harley Earl. Mr. Earl was so legendary for his flashy fixation that a fellow General Motors executive at the time was quoted as saying, “Chrome was god and Harley Earl was the prophet.”

Harley Earl’s fondness for flash was never more apparent than the time when some cross-communication and mixed signals led to a case of chrome overload. The Oldsmobile design team presented Mr. Earl with two different chrome-trim designs for the latest Oldsmobile sedan. By mistake during production, both sets of chrome were added to the same prototype. With no time to make a fix, the engineers were forced to present the chrome-mobile for Harley’s approval. As they stood awaiting wrath for the shiny screw up, Mr. Earl actually fell in love with the shimmering scheme and the car went into production.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of the great Harley Earl, there are a few key automotive chrome points to hit. Chrome door handle kits are a great place to start. After that, some chrome mirror covers and chrome taillight covers are a great addition. For a racy look, a chrome fuel door adds some track style, and a set of chrome rims is the ultimate classic hot-rod look. And, when you want to take it beyond some individual chrome accent points placed here and there, you can get a chrome package designed to equip your vehicle with a chrome-dipped bonanza of brilliance that our heavy metal-mentor, Harley Earl, would be ever proud of.